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Sweden (27).jpg
Valley overlook in swiss alps


Landscape Photography in Switzerland

Best known for its mountains and alpine landscapes, Switzerland offers a lot of places worth photographing.

America the beautiful


The landscape in the USA varies strongly acrosse the large country and offers countless photographic opportunities. Check out the gallery and enjoy the beautiful nature of the states.

sunrise in arches national park, United states
Epic shaped northern lights during a cold night in norway

Astro & Night Sky

Photographing the Night Sky

Dark places with a low light pollution suits best for astro and night sky photography.

​Learn more about light pollution and why it is worth to protect the dark night sky.


Travelling the nordic countries is always a great expierence. Exploring arctic fjords and boreal forests never gets boring.


The low sun adds the Nordic touch and makes photographing in Norway, Sweden and Finland so much fun all year round.

Winter coastline in norways




Wildlife around the world

Discover the fascinating creatures nature has created.

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